Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Another Year

Each year on my birthday I try to spend some of the day thinking about the past year and being hopeful for what this year will hold and this year my day was so exciting that I didn't have much time for that instead I played all day at Disney World with our family. So a few days later here I sit reflecting on the year and looking toward the future......
I have to say that the most wonderful thing that happened this year is that my annual doctors appointment with the cardiologist was amazing and he says that my heart is 100% better. I was told that this would never happen and so this by far is the greatest blessing of this past year of life for me. 
So much has happened this year in the Henderson house.......a trip to Africa, a trip to Mexico to build a house for a homeless family, cousins camp, Beach trips, time at the lake house, trip to Disney World, a new house ( and new decorations!), new schools, a new nephew, cooking with Kaylee, football with Jake, and the list goes on and on. What an amazingly  full year and what a great family to share all of this with!
What a great year ahead..... a precious daughter who will be a teenager in a couple of months (turning 13 is a huge deal at our house and I can't wait to celebrate), a youngest child who will start school (I am going to miss not having kids at home after 13 years), if God allows we will add another son to our family by adopting him from Ethiopia (I just can't wait to see who God has picked out for us), huge ventures for our church that I can't detail but God is doing amazing God sized things, celebrating 17 great years of Marriage to a wonderful guy who loves me deeply, fun vacations, Saturday morning tickle times, finishing the basement for the girls and their friends, lunch dates with the staff, Fridays alone with David, FF with a crazy co-ed group (hopefully I will still be #1), and hour and hours of fun with great friends and a wonderful family! I am so blessed and I can't wait to see what this next year brings......I am only half way to old!!!!

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